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Our Drivers

We almost literally handpick all our drivers to ensure that we’ve the most highly-trained and committed team. Additionally, we’ve an in-house comprehensive orientation programme to make sure that all the drivers we end up with have the relevant skills to offer our customers five-star door-to-door transport solutions.

Apart from the thorough training, every one of our drivers must also undergo a Criminal Records Bureau vetting and get certified. Indeed, it’s company policy that all of them must wear an ID badge issued by the Public Carriage Office at all times.

When our drivers come to pick you, you’ll find that they’re all presented in a clean shirt and pair of trousers, with a modern Mini cab ready to take you to your destination safely and efficiently.

Our Obligation to the Environment
Being very serious about environmental conservation, we offer our customers various options for low-emission transportation. We’ve a fleet of Toyota Prius and Volkswagen cars that are equipped with Blue motion technology.

Toyota Prius is often ranked among the top five cars in Britain emitting the least greenhouse gases, as well as the 2nd-most efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. On the other hand, the Volkswagen Blue-motion model car is furnished with some of the most ingenious energy-saving and dangerous-emission reducing innovations in existence today, ranging from automatic start/stop capabilities to low-rolling resistance tyres.

Beeline Cars’s Eco-Driving Programme
This is a programme through which we train each of our drivers to enhance their skills when it comes to being able to saving on energy consumption and reductions of greenhouse emissions in our vehicles.

Some of the techniques we teach them include:

– Learning to always drive off immediately they start their engines;

– Switching gears much more smoothly and maintaining revs below 2500 rpm;

– Minimizing as much as possible moments of sharp breaking and hard acceleration;

– Maintaining steady speeds (typically 40 to 60mph) to save on fuel;

– Turning off their engines during heavy traffic;

– Keeping tyres appropriately inflated to further enhance energy savings and lower greenhouse emissions (by up to 5%);

– Avoiding carrying unnecessary luggage in the boot;

– Cutting on unnecessary mileage by making prior route plans;

– Using heaters and air conditioners sparingly;

– Ensuring that their vehicles regularly get servicing.

In line with these instilled principles, Beeline Cars has exceptionally succeeded in lowering our company’s overall dead mileage — i.e. where a vehicle is running empty — by up to 25% via the use of GPS-locator technology to exactly pinpoint our clients’ location for quick pick-up.