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We’re an Airport Transfer Operator that has been offering these services since 1998. Over the years, we’ve accumulated more than 100,000 satisfied customers who regularly use our services for all their airport transfer needs, both when arriving into the City of London and when leaving their places for the airport.

What Services Do We Specialise In?
Our main service — which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — includes transportation from anywhere within the Larger London Metropolis Area and the Home Counties to any of the five major airports around the city; Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, City and Luton.

How Easy is Placing a Booking With Beeline Cars?
Typically, our booking process never takes more than a few minutes. All you need to do is simply enter your pickup location and final destination details into our quote box online and then click on “Get Rates”. Next, the system will display to you all the Mini cab options available for your picking and then prompt you to enter your contact details.

What Places Do Our Services Cover?
We serve the entire City of London and its surrounding regions. Our cabs can either pick you to or from Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick, City or Stansted Airports. Our drop-off locations include all post codes within London, including all the areas around the Main London Orbital Motorway (the M25).

Which London Airports Do We Serve?
Our services cover the five main airports in the City of London: Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, City and Luton, but we can organize to also collect you from any other airport in Britain if required to meet that need.

What Types of Minicabs Are Available for Our Airport Transfer Services?
Our fleet ranges from standard sedans (saloon cars), station wagons (estate cars) and 7-seater MPVs to 49-seater coaches. Whenever you feel that you’re unsure of the type of car that can sufficiently satisfy your needs, just send us an email with your specifications at or get in touch with our 24-hour call centre on +44 (0) 208 429 6346 and we’ll gladly help you.

How Early Does One Need to Place a Booking?
If you’re placing your booking over the Internet, we generally recommend doing so at least 24 hours earlier. However, we’re also ready to receive your booking phone calls up to four hours prior to the point in time when you need our Mini cab to pick you up. And since we understand that emergencies do come up, you can also contact us immediately after landing for pick-up. Normally, we’ve drivers around the five main airports all around the clock.

What’s the Mode of Payment for Our Transfer Services?
You can pay for our services while booking over the Internet via American Express, Visa or Master card, Euro Card or another credit or debit card. We also allow cash payments to our drivers once you arrive at your final destination. All our pricing quotations are available in advance so that you’re aware of exactly what you’ll be paying beforehand.

Do We Allow for Booking Cancellation?
Yes, we allow you to cancel your booking at least four hours before dispatch time. In this case, a full refund is issued for those who’d paid in advance with no administration fees or other hidden charges deducted whatsoever.

Is Our Company a Licensed Airport Transfer Operator?
Absolutely! We’ve been certified and issued with a license from Transport for London (TfL), the City of London’s government authority tasked with the management of the city’s transport system.

Does Our Company Have a Fixed Pricing Policy?
Yes, the transportation fees quoted are exactly what you pay for all routes. However, in case you’ve ordered for the wrong Mini cab — for instance, a saloon that doesn’t fit all your load in the boot — we may be forced to levy additional charges for both space and any extra driver waiting time, including time taken at the customs to process any undeclared luggage or if your load’s arrival has delayed and our driver has to wait.

Must I Pay in Advance?
No, you don’t have to because we allow for cash payments on arrival at your destination. However, if you don’t mind making advance payments, you can use your credit/debit card to pay online. Our company doesn’t maintain any of your credit/debit card information. Everything is securely processed via SagePay systems.

Do Our Charges Spike During Christmas or New Year’s Like Some Operators?
Absolutely NOT! All our prices remain constant throughout the year, whether it’s on Christmas, a Public Holiday or any other day. However, as a side tip, we encourage you to place your booking well in advance since we often get fully-booked for Christmas and New Year’s much more quickly due to a scarcity in alternative public transfer services during such peak seasons.

Do Your Services Run at Any Time of Day or Night?
Absolutely, we’re a 24/7 operator. Our offices remain open and in operation around the clock. Our drivers are available 24 hours a day and will organise a Mini cab to pick you up at any time whether it’s during Christmas, on a Public Holiday or any other day.

What Happens If My Flight Lands Earlier or Late, Do I Pay Extra?
We continually monitor the arrival times for all flights coming into London to ensure that we DON’T send our drivers to pick you up until your plane has arrived. However, in case the landing time for your flight is moved, our driver is going to adjust his/her schedule accordingly so as to come for you at the appropriate time. As a general rule, unless you make a request for a quick exit, our driver will arrive 30 minutes after the landing of your plane at the airport.

What If My Flight is Cancelled, Do I Get a Refund?
Absolutely! In case your flight is cancelled and you’d paid in advance, we’ll refund you immediately. But please inform us through a phone call to our call centre on +44 (0) ‎208 429 6346 so that we don’t send our driver to pick you.

What If I Miss My Flight?
Once again, just like in the cancelled flights scenario, please contact us on +44 (0) ‎208 429 6346 and let us know that you didn’t make it for your flight so that we don’t send our driver.

What If My Flight Has Been Diverted to Another Airport?
In case your plane is diverted for any reason, please let us know as quick as is possible via +44 (0) ‎208 429 6346  so that we can make plans to dispatch our driver to the diverted airport if possible, or so that we can cancel your Mini cab booking if it’s not possible to come to pick you up.

Where Do I Meet Your Driver on Arrival at the Airport?
When you make a booking, we immediately send you an email confirming all your booking details including exactly where our driver will pick you up. For most airport terminals, our driver will be waiting for you in front of the information desk.

What Happens In Case I Can’t Locate My Driver?
As part of our email confirmation for your booking, we provide two phone contacts just in case you don’t locate our driver. The first contact number, +44 (0)‎ 208 429 6346, connects you to our call centre.

All you need to do is locate the terminal’s pay phone (normally located around the information desk) and dial our Toll Free number without any coins. We’ll then contact our driver and direct him/her to you. This number can be quite useful if you don’t have your cell phone with you.

Are Your Transfer Direct or Do They Stop En-Route?
Since you pay for the service of the entire cab, our private car hire is for you alone and will directly take you to your final destination without any delay whatsoever.

How Do I Confirm My Reservation?
Immediately we’ve booked you for one of our vehicles, we send you an email confirmation specifying all your booking details. In addition, you can also get in touch with our 24-hour call centre via +44 (0) 208 429 6346 and one of our customer handlers will be glad to confirm everything for you.

Do I Get a Receipt For Your Service?
Of course, all you need to do is ask your driver to issue you with one if you’re paying on arrival. As for those who’re paying via credit/debit card online, you can print your Paypal payment receipt for convenience purposes. Alternatively, you can also print your receipt by logging in to our website at any time, including after your journey.

Must I Place My Booking Online?
No, you don’t have to. You can just get in touch with our control room consultants on +44 (0) 208 429 6346 and make your reservation through a phone call if that is the most convenient method for you.