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In order to put your driving skills into practice you need to find the right transportation company to work with. If you have been searching for one such company in London then Beeline Cars is your number one choice. We are a top company that has been serving the people of London for over 40 years. We provide both private hire services and public transport vehicles.

By joining our company you will have the opportunity to drive the vehicle you are comfortable with. Whether it is a small minicab, a minibus or a coach, you will get one with Beeline Cars. We will give you the opportunity to interact with clients, prove yourself useful and get to earn money while at it. If you have been dreaming of getting a job in the transportation industry in London then this is the right opportunity for you.

What are the requirements?

Since we are a company that believes in quality customer service, we do not hire just anyone. You need to have some minimum requirements. The most important is that you need to be a licensed driver with at least a year’s experience in PSV Registered Private Hire driving.

You must be familiar with all the road routes within the greater London area and more so East London. Your communication skills in English should be nothing short of excellent and so should your customer service skills. Also you need to dress nicely and be presentable at all times.

It is important to note that you will be working shifts and so you need to be prepared.

Trainings we offer

In order to ensure our customers get the best services, we have several training programs that every driver must undertake before they are hired. Here is a look at what these trainings are:

· NVQ Level 2 – customer service

This is a certified training through which drivers are taught how to handle clients with respect and professionally.

· NVQ Level 2 – Road Passenger

This will equip the driver with the necessary technical knowledge so that you are more competent in their work.

· Topographical assessment

It is a statutory requirement that all who will be driving in the entire London area show topographical competence. This training will help you get this qualification.


If you will be driving a minibus, it is likely to be having access for disabled persons. This training will teach you how to handle such people.

· PATs (Passenger Assistant Training)

This is a training which equips you, the driver, with the skills needed to take care of the passengers and help them in times as they need while on the road.

If you meet the requirements and are ready to undertake the necessary training programmes then you are the person we are looking for. All you need to do is get in touch with us and our friendly staff members will guide you through the entire process. Email your CV to or give us a call on 0208 429 6347. We will be glad to impart more knowledge and sharpen your driving skills through our training and then hire you.