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Reuse and Recycling

At Beeline Cars, we recycle most of our office wastes such as paper, cups, cans, printer cartridges as well as ICT equipment. This policy has enabled us lower waste going to landfill from our offices by a whopping 40%.

Going forward, we’re making plans to start sourcing sustainable supplies and utilising recycled paper as well as for printing of our literature as much as possible to enhance our reuse and recycling techniques.

Fuel-Consumption Reduction
As part of our energy-saving policy, all our staff are encouraged to adopt a “Switch Off” plan whenever a vehicle or other equipment isn’t in use. Additionally, we’ve equipped our control room with new highly energy-efficient computer machines that consume a paltry 10% of energy consumed by normal PCs.

Preference for Email Communication
Our company acknowledges the fact that email communication is much more environmental-friendly than other methods since it tremendously cuts down on the usage of paper and ink as well as energy consumption. Subsequently, we’ve been able to have up to 80% of all our customers embrace electronic invoicing.

Whenever you’ve any special travel or other business needs that we can meet, require our quotation or want to place a booking with us, please feel free to contact us via our email us or call our offices on ‎0208 429 6347. Our team of professional customer handlers will always be ready to help you.