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Top Travel Tips For OAPs And Seniors

  • Posted: 28-06-2017      Category: Travel

    Travelling is exciting but it can provide a number of challenges to people, and this is why it is best to plan ahead when it comes to minimising the impact that travel can have on people. This is definitely the case when it comes to senior citizens and OAPs, so these people should take greater care to plan ahead and ensure that they travel in style and comfort. Here are some top travel tips for OAPs and seniors.

    Look for senior discounts when booking travel plans

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    When you are planning your trip, you should look for senior discounts or money off for OAP travellers. If you save money without compromising on quality, you’ll enjoy your trip a lot more. A bit of planning will help you to save money which can be used more effectively on your trip.

    Have medications in carry-on bags

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    Anyone that is travelling with medication should ensure that it is handy and that they can access it in a hurry. This means you shouldn’t place medication in to checked luggage. If you require written permission or confirmation for any medicine you want to travel with, arrange this in advance of your trip.

    If you need additional assistance, request it

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    If you need extra help to get on or off a plane or the public service vehicle you are travelling on, ask for help. There is absolutely no shame or problem in needing assistance, including using a wheelchair, so make sure that you ask for all help that you need.

    Join up your journey and plan how you will get to your final destination

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    If you are travelling to a destination via plane, train or bus, it is unlikely that you are going to arrive directly at your accommodation. This means you will likely need to make another journey to get to your final destination. Review your options in advance, and if you can book your travel plans in advance, do so and make sure you know how you will get to your destination.

    Review places where you can eat for a price within your budget

    Reviewing the local area and what your options are for food, drinks, rest and entertainment will help you to make the most of your trip. It may be that some places will offer discounts or special offers for senior travellers. You will feel more comfortable by booking in advance and this may help you to save money in advance.

    Rest sufficiently before you travel

    Rest sufficiently before you travel

    One important tip for senior travellers is to rest up and take things easy. It may see as though you are not doing much when you travel but it can be stressful and it can make you feel tired or stressed. The day before or prior to travelling, you should look to take things easy and rest up. Follow these tips and you’ll find that travelling as an OAP or senior citizen is much simpler and enjoyable.