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Tips For Travelling In Foggy Weather

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    Posted: 23-06-2017      Category: Travel

    When you are travelling, there will be a lot of things to consider and bear in mind, but the weather conditions may impact on your ability to travel safely. Fog and mist can reduce visibility and you need to prepare yourself for new challenges or difficulties that you may not have faced at other times. Here are some tips for travelling in foggy weather.

    Check the weather forecast

    Check the weather forecast


    While weather forecasts are not always correct or accurate, it will provide you with guidance on what the weather may be like. If challenging weather conditions are predicted, take the time to read up on what you can do to drive more safely. You should also pack extra items, such as blankets, additional clothes and food and drink to ensure that you have support if any delays occur during your trip.

    Switch on your fog lights

    Switch on your fog lights

    If your vision when driving is less than 100 metres, you should make sure that you turn on your fog lights. It would be a good idea to check the condition of these lights in advance of your trip, and if they need improved or repaired, have this work carried out before you set off.

    You should also avoid using the high beam when driving in foggy or misty conditions. Using your high beam lights can make driving conditions more difficult for other drivers, which could increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident.

    Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles

    When driving in difficult conditions, it makes sense to take a more cautious approach to driving. This means that you should keep more space between your vehicle and any other vehicles on the road.

    Take care and be cautious

    Taxi in Edgware Foggy Weather

    When weather conditions cause problems, it makes sense to be cautious when you drive. You should drive at a slower pace and you should take care to drive in the correct manner, taking care to review the road and your surroundings. While you may be confident about your ability to drive, even in challenging conditions, you cannot say the same for all other drivers, so it makes sense to be cautious on the road.

    Park safely and don’t stop when you are in the middle of the road

    When it is time to come to a halt, you want to make sure that you park safely. This will help you get in and out of the car in a safe manner, and it will also increase the safety on the road for other drivers. You should look to avoid stopping or impacting on the flow of traffic in any way.

    Foggy weather presents problems for drivers but by following these tips, you can drive safely and effectively even in misty or foggy weather.