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Teddy Bear’s Picnic

  • Teddy Bear’s Picnic Edgware London

    Posted: 23-05-2017      Category: Events

    Teddy Bear’s Picnic is an event celebrated every year in UK in the month of July. This event is especially for kids and teens. Now if you are planning for this event, walk down to woods or any other place you may like for picnic with your family and friends. For this picnic, you have to do some arrangements. First of all find your favorite Teddy Bears. Bring these Teddy Bears with you and walk to woods. Now if the Teddy Bear is a girl, then dress her up in Beautiful clothes or accessories and if it’s a boy so dress him up in smart clothes.

    Remember that no Teddy Bear’s Picnic would be completed without the right food like salad, cupcakes and sandwiches etc. Now present this food to everyone so that you don’t get bored or tired of it. Moreover you can play Teddy Bear games like: Hold a competition for the best dressed Bear and Play Hide and Seek with the Bears. For more fun you can hold some Teddy Bear’s activities like Paint Bear paws on the children’s faces, Make a Bear with the help of clay, Read Bear stories, Play Teddy Bear’s songs or arrange a Teddy Bear’s music party.

    The surroundings should be maintained neat and clean. A waste bin should be placed there so that the children can throw the rubbish in it. When it’s time to quit, tell the children now it’s Teddy Bear’s bed time so we have to go home and take rest after a busy day. The event is meant to enhance the creative abilities of your child. Timings are 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM & 13:00 PM to 16:00 PM. Price is £8 per child & £9 per adult. Mark the Date July 10, 2017