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Noah’s Ark Rainbow Run

  • Edgware Noah's Ark Rainbow Run

    Posted: 10-05-2017      Category: Events

    The program starts on 25 th of July 2017, at 12:00 PM till 4:00 PM. Program’s basic motive is fund raising for local children sanatorium known by the name Noah’s ark. Program is funded by local community and you can gain access by paying a little amount of entry fee and taking part in the events with their loved ones. Allianz Park Stadium is a 5k course and welcomes participants of all ages.

    The same course is used for many other events like wheelchair and buggy events. The run along the charming routes and trails is commemorative for every single person. Participants are showered with verity of colors by the station deputies and will drown with blue, green, pink, orange and yellow color.

    Colors used to shower participants are not toxic and are bright powder paints. You will be showered from all direction and even an inch of your will not let left uncolored and will truly be rainbow at the end of run.

    Accolade/Reward is honored to a team or individual with highest amount of sponsorship. You will not be sent empty handed. Challenge your buddy or colleague to a sponsorship competition, win a prize trophy and earn buddle of respect. Not only local community people can take part but also students from colleges and students are welcome to compete in the fund raising challenge.

    Getting to Allianz Park Stadium at affordable rates

    Have fun with your friends, family or relatives. Registration fee for a participant underage the age 18 is £10 and minimum sponsorship target is £10. Adult registration fee is £20, free for a group of 4-5 people is £15 and minimum advised sponsorship target is £100.

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